Random Thoughts….

29 Nov

I’m discovering more each day that we petite women have lots of clothing options. It’s hard to even think of a popular brand that doesn’t carry petite. DKNY, Calvin Klein and even Ralph Lauren have them. Granted not all of their clothes are made petite but it’s a start!

I use to have my jeans hemmed but not every tailor did a great job keeping the original hem. Regular sweaters were a problem too. The armholes hanged too low. (I looked like a flying squirrel ready to bounce from tree to tree.) And button down shirts? Again too long. They use to hang waaay past my posterior. Now I can buy shirts that hit at the hip! We definitely have it better now. I mean there is room for improvement but for now, it’s all good.

Which brand would you LOVE to see carry petite sizes? Personally I’d love to see French Connection go petite as well! Their cute tops make me drool… 😀

From French Connection ~

French Connection Jude Knit Sweater (on sale $49.99)

French Connection Wayward Top (on sale $29.99)

French Connection Martinez Dress ($168)

French Connection Willing Dress (on sale $79.99)

French Connection Carly Dress (on sale $49.99)

French Connection Moonshine Jeans ($138)


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