Petite Pajamas! When we sleep, is there anyone looking?

17 Dec

Whether anyone is looking or not, we petites no longer have to avoid full length pajama styles that tend to run long in the pants or sleeves.  Stores like Soft Surroundings, Land’s End and Appleseeds carry petite pajamas and robes in all fabrics; from cotton to fleece!  

Now we can look just as good heading in or hopping out of bed! Don’t you think?  Haha!  😉 

Soft Surroundings’ Petite Lacey Shelf Bra Gown ($68)

Soft Surroundings’ Petite Tahiti Tropic Gown ($49.95)

Soft Surrondings’ Petite “Vintage” Starlet Robe ($128)

Women’s Petite Solid Holiday Flannel Pajama Shirt from Land’s End ($30)

Women’s Petite Solid Holiday Flannel Pajama Pants from Land’s End ($25)

Appleseed’s Cotton Pajamas ($48)

Appleseed’s Dream Fleece Lounge Set (on sale $39.99)

Appleseed’s Dream Fleece Print Pajamas (on sale $49.99)


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