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Which MYSHAPE are You?

8 Nov

According to there are 7 body shapes.

Women with softened, straight figures and fairly straight shoulderlines. They have rounded bottoms and the difference between their waist and hip measurements is 7 inches or more.
Broad-shouldered women with proportionally narrow hips and less defined waistlines.
Women with curvy front and side profiles as well as softened shoulderlines, whose waist measurements are at least 10 inches smaller than their balanced bust and hip measurements.
Women whose shoulders and hips are generally in line with each other and whose waist measurements are within 6 inches of their hip measurements. Often with flat bottoms in profile.
Women whose hips are broader than their busts and shoulders.
Women with busts larger than their hips and whose bottoms tend to be flat rather than rounded.
Women with rounded profiles whose waist measurements are proportionally larger than their more balanced bust and hip measurements. They’re often short-waisted and long-legged.

1) M
2) Y
3) S
4) H
5) A
6) P
7) E

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